Losing my daughter Tellay’Jah was the hardest thing I’ve ever experienced in life. These last couple of years have been very trying at times. Grief has been my greatest teacher, even when accompanied by the inevitable pain and discomfort that it inevitably brings. I believe that Grief needs to be normalized. We have taught ourselves that we have a certain amount of time to recover, and if we haven’t, then we’re faulty.

My Daughter


Tellay 'Jah Ny ' Jae Bethancourt

12/3/04 – 11/19/18

We also often only attribute grief to Death. And while death does bring an experience of grief… guess what? The death and loss of ANYTHING (dreams, ability, roles, pets, relationships, seasons, geography, identity, etc) can create a wilderness of grief too. Unfortunately, because we often only talk about death with grief, we can become stuck, isolated, and feel alone if we experience any other kind of grief. The road of grief can be hard to travel when you’re traveling it alone.

Supporting Kids As They Grieve